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By Caspar Claasen

By Wieneke de Leeuw

Wieneke de Leeuw graduated cum laude in Photographic Design for her sub-research ‘flower still lifes’ into the ecological environment and paintings in which the Fritillary meleagris flower occurs.
The Fritillaria meleagris is a rare flower bulb that grows wild in the Netherlands.
These two pictures are part of the ‘flooded Snakeshead flower series.’.When the water in the rivers rises, the  Frittalaries heads float on the water.
Wieneke has investigated how you can achieve certain effects with these flowers in chemigrams;  using analogue photo paper and sunlight. 
She works intuitively and using techniques such as cyanotype, carbon printing and photo-etching.
She is currently working with Sybren Kuiper on her book about her graduation project.