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By Caspar Claasen

By Laura Zwaneveld

In 2000, I made a career change and pursued part-time studies at the academy. There, I placed my first blank sheet of paper in the developer in the darkroom, and when the image emerged, my heart leaped with joy. My love for photography was born.

In 2016, a long-cherished dream came true as I traded the city for the countryside. More space, more emptiness, more silence. With the move, I also stopped working as a commissioned photographer to fully embrace autonomous work. I am fascinated by empty, desolate landscapes. Rugged, primal, and quiet. Where humanity is small and insignificant. My work is dreamy, longing, poetic, often marked by stillness, and sometimes carries a sense of heaviness and darkness. I seek to capture the essence of what I feel and observe.