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By Eli Dijkers

Eli Dijkers (born 1978, Netherlands) graduated from the ‘fotoacademie’ in Rotterdam after a study pharmacy and obtaining a PhD in Nuclear Medicine, and Oncology. In his photography, Eli captures humanity as he perceives it, focusing on sensory experiences rather than intellectual contemplation.

Eli has received numerous accolades for his photography, including honors at the B&W Spider Awards and recognition in the Sony World Photography Awards. He won the Porta Coeli Artist Residency Award at the Florence International Contemporary Art Biennale. Eli is an Ilford MASTER and has exhibited his work internationally, with notable exhibitions in the Netherlands (6-month solo in Kunsthal Rotterdam), China (various exhibitions in Shanghai), and Italy (duo exhibition as the official cultural event of the G20 summit together with rarely shown work of Henri Cartier-Bresson).