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By Cees Beuzekom

Cees Beuzekom has a keen eye for capturing everyday life and is an expert on Nature. He looks for the extraordinary in what is considered normal and thus makes the invisible visible. This often results in abstract aesthetic images that stand out through their sharpness and detail, but also through stillness and alienation, sometimes in an almost artificial way.

In December 2021 he graduated from the Fotoacademie Amsterdam with his autonomous project Nature + 1. In this series he depicts that Nature is the origin of everything and that humankind is an inseparable part of it. We consciously and much more often unconsciously mix Nature with our lives. At the same time, we have disrupted the balance of Nature, resulting in problems such as extinction, exhaustion and climate change. We can especially learn from Nature by adopting and applying smart elements from nature (biomimicry). He looks for the similarities in properties and form between nature and culture, that often merge. Instead of opposing Nature and disturbing the balance, we would increase the quality of life by embracing Nature more and acknowledging our innate connection with the Natural world (biophilia).